Market share estimator

Market Share Estimator


Are you getting all the business you can in your market? How would you even know? The AVMA's Market Share Estimator tool provides a step-by-step process for companion animal practices—those that treat dogs, cats, birds, and horses kept as pets—to calculate the potential size of your local market, identify your current market share, and set realistic goals for growth.

Use the results to create a plan to capture more business and build your practice.

The market share tool is available exclusively to AVMA members.

Here's how it works

The estimator tool is a downloadable worksheet that walks you through five easy steps to estimate your market share. Use simple formulas to estimate the number of households, pets, and veterinary revenue in your local market area. Your results will be customized to your targeted location and the specific animal species you treat. The tool was developed based on the AVMA's extensive research on pet ownership patterns, including the spending habits of pet owners.

Step 1: Identify your practice’s service area.
Step 2: Estimate the number of households in the area.
Step 3: Estimate the total number of pets, by species.
Step 4: Estimate the total number of patients, veterinary visits, and revenue potential for your market area.
Step 5: Calculate your practice's estimated share of the potential market.

The tool produces an estimate of market share, based on national averages.

You can use the worksheet to track your market share over time and to identify areas in which you might be under-performing or over-performing. You'll find step-by-step instructions along with the worksheet on page 1 of the tool. A finished example is provided on page 2 to help guide you.

Ready to get started?

Download the Market Share Estimator tool.