Veterinary Internships - Task Force Report (2011)

Approving a recommendation by the AVMA/AAVMC Joint Council, the An AVMA Board of Directors- created the task force on veterinary internships to assess the status of veterinary internships, identify areas for improvement, and develop plans to address the identified needs.

The task force's report included the following:

  • An overview of the number and types of veterinary internships then available and the application process
  • Recommended revisions to  AVMA policies regarding veterinary internships
  • An internship disclosure outline and model internship guidelines, designed to guide the development of internship programs with the goal of improving the quality, consistency and value of every veterinary internship
  • Suggestions to improve education about veterinary internship programs
  • Interpretation of relevant data from the AVMA's 2010 Senior Survey and the 2010 Biennial Economic Survey

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