Veterinary Internships - Task Force Report (2011)

An AVMA Board of Directors- approved recommendation by the AVMA/AAVMC Joint Council created a task force on veterinary internships. The group was tasked with assessing the current status of veterinary internships; identifiying areas that need improvement; and developing plans to address the identified needs.

The task force's report includes the following:

  • An overview of the number and types of veterinary internships currently available and the application process
  • Recommended revisions to existing AVMA policies regarding veterinary internships
  • An internship disclosure outline and model internship guidelines, designed to guide the development of internship programs with the goal of improving the quality, consistency and value of every veterinary internship
  • Suggestions to improve education about veterinary internship programs
  • Interpretation of relevant data from the 2010 Senior Survey and the 2010 Biennial Economic Survey

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