Global Veterinary Activities - Report on AVMA's Current Role (2011)

Resolution 9-2011, approved by the AVMA House of Delegates, requested a comprehensive report summarizing the AVMA’s role in global veterinary activities. The resulting report, titled “AVMA’s Current Role in Global Veterinary Activities,” includes the following:

  • Relevant policies governing AVMA’s international activities
  • Descriptions of the involved entities, volunteers and staff
  • A summary of international travel by AVMA leadership and staff
  • Summaries of international efforts regarding animal welfare; veterinary education; standards and policies; member and student services; fostering relationships with other organizations and associations; and communications
  • A summary of the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program and its impact on international efforts
  • World Veterinary Year (Vet2011) activities
  • Expenses and income associated with international activities

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  • The full report is also available for free download in a variety of e-reader-friendly formats via Smashwords.

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