National Dog Bite Prevention Week: Social media tips

Social media images

Download these images to draw attention on your Facebook page and other social profiles during National Dog Bite Prevention Week®.


Share facts about dog bite prevention on your social media profiles to help educate clients and others about dog bite prevention. We have podcasts, videos, public-friendly articles, and more. 

Ideas for social media content:

  • Ask your community to share what they do to prevent dog bites.
  • Find out statistics for your area – for example, how many people in your town/city/state are bitten by dogs every year?
  • Share simple tips for preventing dog bites.
  • Share information on what to do if bitten, or if your dog bites someone.
  • Share information about how to recognize and avoid risky situations with dogs and what people can do to educate themselves about dog bite risk and prevention.
  • Post a photo of a friendly-looking dog and emphasize that ANY dog can bite, even familiar dogs.
  • Use the hashtag #PreventDogBites to join the larger conversation.

On Facebook:

Although Facebook posts are less limited in length than tweets, brevity is appreciated by your audience. Visual content tends to get better engagement than text updates, so try to include photos with your posts when appropriate.

Ask open-ended questions or trivia-type questions to get comments and responses from your followers. 

Sample Facebook posts—copy and paste, if you'd like!

On Twitter:

Dog bite prevention facts from our page can easily fit in 280 characters and are effective at communicating the importance of dog bite prevention. Use the hashtag #PreventDogBites in your tweets.

Sample tweets—copy and paste, if you'd like!