Microchips and check the chip day toolkit

For AVMA member veterinarians

Check the Chip Day is meant to serve as a reminder to pet owners to check and update their pets’ microchip registration information. Microchips are very effective for identifying lost pets and reuniting them with their families, but the happy ending can’t occur if the microchip registration isn’t correct – or if the chip has never been registered at all.

Use these resources to educate clients about microchipping and spread the word about Check the Chip Day among your clients and in your community.

Client handout (PDF) – Help your clients keep track of their pet's microchip information, and when their contact information in the registry was last checked.

Stress-free ways to observe Check the Chip Day – Use Check the Chip Day to start new conversations with clients, show how much your staff cares about the animals you treat, and even get new clients in the door.

Social media posts – Copy and paste these ready-to-use social media posts on your own social media feeds, or use them as inspiration to write your own.

Social media images – Update your social media profiles quickly and easily. Options include a Facebook cover photo, small profile images, and an image to post on your timeline to encourage resharing by clients who have checked their chip registrations.

Microchipping infographic – Post our microchipping infographic on your website or blog, and share with clients via social media, to promote both microchipping and the importance of keeping microchip registration information updated.

Newsletter article – Copy and paste this article into your email or printed newsletter. It couldn't be any easier to tell your clients where to look up their pet's microchip information, and to urge anyone whose pets aren’t yet microchipped to schedule appointments with you to get that done.

Sample proclamation – Personalize this official proclamation for your town's mayor or state’s governor to proclaim August 15 as Check the Chip Day.

Sample press release – Personalize this press release template with your own name and clinic information to let your local media know about Check the Chip Day and any events that you might be planning in conjunction with it.

How to check the chip – Share the Check the Chip Day web page with clients to let them know how to look up their pet's microchip registration information on their own at any time of day or night.