Effective Equine Care Guide

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Effective equine care guide

Effective Equine Care Guide

Use this guide to help you set expectations between your team and clients to provide a rewarding experience for all parties.

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Strengthening partnerships with clients in equine practice

The Effective Equine Care Guide is a free resource that veterinary teams can leverage to help foster healthy lines of communication and a positive partnership between staff and horse owners. This comprehensive, single-page guide outlines matching expectations for both veterinary teams and clients. By setting out clear expectations on both sides, it can help you strengthen the veterinary team-client partnership; encourage a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment for all; and thus provide the best possible care for patients. The guide was created in partnership between the AVMA and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

A companion resource is available for companion animal practices: Positive Pet Care Guide

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Special thanks

This guide was inspired by the Positive Pet Care Guide. Special thanks to the individuals and organizations who collaborated on its development.

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