Wildlife decision tree

What does your practice do when someone brings in a sick or injured wild animal? What about calls pertaining to wildlife? Does everyone in your practice know what their roles are when either of these things happen? Does everyone on staff know where to find the contact information for the wildlife authorities in your area?

This decision tree serves as a guide for practices to assist them in navigating the complexities associated with treating wildlife species or their hybrids. Basically, the chart helps your practice take care of the issues peripheral to the animal so that you can focus on treating the animal appropriately. Although it may not appear under every topic, personal safety as well as the safety of other staff, clients, and patients must be considered at all times.

If you are looking for a specific resource related to wildlife, such as regulations or AVMA policies, click on the Additional Resources box to view a list of items which may be helpful. To access more detailed discussions of topics presented, simply follow the links in the chart as you work your way through it.

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