Literature reviews

AVMA's science-based, peer-reviewed literature reviews are written by AVMA professional staff in response to a demonstrated need for summary information. They are not AVMA policy and generally do not draw conclusions. They simply report what we know from the literature or other verifiable data about a given topic. In addition to scientific information, they may address the issue's legislative, legal, economic, ethical, and social components, as well as implications for veterinary practice.

How are AVMA literature reviews developed?

Peer review is similar to that used for articles in scientific journals. Reviewers are recognized experts in their field, and are identified after reviewing related peer-reviewed publications and seeking input from those working on the topic. We attempt to represent a broad variety of backgrounds and perspectives in the peer review process.

We welcome new information that will improve the content of these literature reviews. Please literature_reviewsatavma [dot] org (share any comments or suggestions with us) by email, including supporting documentation such as scientific articles and verifiable data.

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