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  • Learn how to use the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database to explore experimental treatment options and advance scientific discovery through clinical studies.



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AVMA database connects veterinarians and animal owners with veterinary clinical studies

Clinical trials are critical to deepen our understanding of animal diseases, improve diagnostics, and discover new treatment options for patients. The AVMA Animal Health Studies Database is a free tool that helps advance scientific discovery and improve medical care by connecting practicing veterinarians and animal owners with veterinary clinical studies. You can search the database to find a study that may benefit a specific patient, or learn about studies that may appeal to clients who want to play an active role in advancing scientific knowledge.

The database covers:

  • All fields of veterinary medicine
  • All animal species
  • Studies in the United States and Canada
  • Randomized controlled clinical trials
  • Prospective clinical and epidemiological studies and surveys
  • Findings from completed studies

How it works

Step 1: Clinical studies are entered into the database by the investigators in charge of them. Examples include studies of a specific medical condition, drug, surgical technique, or other treatment option.

Step 2: A curator reviews the information and, once approved, publishes it to the database.

Step 3: Veterinarians and animal owners search the database to find information about clinical studies. Search by keyword, species, diagnosis, field of medicine, or location.

The AVMA Animal Health Studies Database is a valuable tool for both clinical scientists seeking animal participants for their studies, and veterinarians and animal owners looking for alternative treatment options.

Please note: If you are an animal owner interested in participating in a study, we encourage you to discuss it with your veterinarian first. Study investigators prefer to be contacted by the veterinarian, and your veterinarian can help you determine whether your animal is eligible to participate in a particular study.