Emergency planning resources for veterinary practices

Parkview Animal Hospital, Joplin MO, 2011
Photos courtesy of Dr. Jim Christman, Parkview Animal Hospital, Joplin MO, 2011

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Help prepare pet and livestock owners to save both their animals and themselves:

Pets and Disasters

Large Animals and Livestock in Disasters

Protecting Animals from Wildfire Smoke

Emergency Contact Cards

Veterinary practices vary dramatically in size, type, and location, resulting in diverse emergency planning and preparedness needs. This list of resources is provided as a starting point to aid veterinarians in creating an emergency plan tailored to the individual needs of their practices.

Whether you need guidance in developing a disaster plan for your practice or just want to review and update your plan, the following resources can help you complete the following important steps:

  • Assess your resources
  • Learn about risks or hazards your practice might face
  • Determine how to overcome or mitigate potential risks
  • Develop a contingency plan
  • Enhance resiliency

Find more veterinary disaster planning resources in the Disaster Preparedness reference guide.

Risk Assessment - Information to help determine which hazards might affect your practice

Creating an Emergency Plan – Guides, templates and other materials to aid in developing a practice-specific emergency plan




United States Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

Zoo Animal Health Network