Journey for Teams

Journey for Teams: Medical professionals

AVMA is committed to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout the veterinary profession. Making that happen requires a community effort.

The Journey for Teams program, created by the AVMA in conjunction with the Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE), gives every member of the veterinary community a pathway to foster DEI in our workplaces. It’s a comprehensive and collaborative program that engages and empowers individual members of every veterinary team to build support and understanding of DEI from the ground up.

How does Journey for Teams work?

Any veterinary professional can sign up to participate in Journey for Teams. Each month, Journey for Teams releases a new learning module to help you explore DEI topics and build a practical roadmap to advance DEI where you work. The educational modules cover a wide range of subjects:

  • Developing and supporting fabulous teams
  • Fostering an extraordinary workplace
  • Walking the walk with clients
  • Embracing the community

The journey is—as its name implies—intended to be a sustained effort. And as a participant, you can choose how to use the program. You might decide to delve into the foundational concepts around DEI first, or you might use it to continue work already started. You can start with module 1 and continue sequentially, or you can skip around to explore topics most pertinent to you and your workplace.  It’s up to you.

Every journey needs a navigator, so the program relies in part on team members who commit to guide discussions, identify possible action items, and monitor progress on those actions. The Journey for Teams program provides the resources these navigators need to lead the DEI initiative in their workplace.

Participating workplaces are encouraged to include a commitment to DEI core principles and behaviors in their stated values.

Join the journey

Making veterinary medicine more diverse, equitable, and inclusive demands a concerted and continuing effort from us all. No one person, workplace, or organization can do it alone. By committing to join the journey, you’ll become empowered to be a part of the solution.

What will you gain as a Journey for Teams participant?

  • A greater sense of curiosity
  • Inspiration and knowledge to foster respectful dialog
  • Tools to help colleagues better understand and embrace DEI behaviors
  • Pride and satisfaction in the work you do to build a more welcoming community

Through Journey for Teams, you’ll foster your own growth and meaningfully impact the lives of colleagues, clients, patients, and the diverse society we’re all committed to serve.

Make the commitment today.

Join the journey

Join the journey

Through Journey for Teams, you’ll foster your own growth and meaningfully impact the lives of colleagues, clients, patients … and the diverse society we are committed to serve.

Join the journey