Clinic posters: Be careful with antibiotics

Clients want their pets to feel better if they're under the weather - and sometimes they think that has to mean a prescription for antibiotics. But veterinarians know that antibiotics often aren't the answer.

Post these flyers in your clinic - or hand them to clients - to educate clients about why you don't always prescribe antibiotics. Their message to pet owners:

"Antibiotics may or may not be the answer. Antibiotics don’t fight viruses, the most common cause of flu-like signs. What will? Good supportive care while your pet’s immune system does its job. Find out when antibiotics work — and when they don’t. Talk with your veterinarian." 

Feline antibiotics clinic poster

Kitten poster – color

Kitten poster – black and white



Canine antibiotics clinic poster

Dog poster – color

Dog poster – black and white