Unregulated horse racing (Bush tracks)

The AVMA condemns unregulated racing of equids.

All horse races should comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as tenets of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act. Racing events must have a Category ll USDA-accredited veterinarian overseeing the health of participating equids. Effective protocols for infectious disease testing and control are required, and illicit (prohibited and banned) substances must never be administered to the equids. Abusive practices including, but not limited to, excessive whipping; application of caustic substances; or use of batteries, buzzers, or other similar electrical devices that could be used to alter the speed of a horse in a race or workout are not acceptable. Euthanasia, when warranted, should be performed by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals.