Processes for microbial reduction in food

The AVMA supports microbial reduction processes, such as pasteurization, irradiation, and hyperbaric treatment to improve food safety, food quality, or both. These processes must be applied at approved levels and following proper safeguards. The AVMA supports classification of irradiation as a process, rather than an additive.

The AVMA supports requiring special labeling of foods treated with microbial reduction processes only when they cause a material change in the food (eg, a change in the organoleptic, nutritional, or functional properties) that the consumer could not identify at the point of purchase in the absence of appropriate labeling.

Microbial reduction processes are used to augment good production practices under state and federal inspection. Animal products and foods treated with microbial reduction processes must be protected from recontamination until consumed.

Relevant AVMA Policy:

Food Safety Policy