Principles of veterinary data ownership and stewardship

  1. Veterinary practices own their practice data.
  2. Control is a necessary condition of data ownership.
  3. Practice data should be portable and accessible.
  4. Prior consent is the foundation of proper data use.
  5. Data licensees should be transparent in their use of practice data.
  6. Veterinary practices should be able to limit and withdraw consent.
  7. Data should only be used for known lawful purposes.
  8. Data licensees should collect only the minimum required data.
  9. Data licensees should retain practice data only for the requisite time period.
  10. Data licensees should be responsible for their own and their licensees' use of veterinary practice data.
  11. Data licensees should maintain the confidentiality and privacy of veterinary practice data.

Additional resource

VSG/AVMA principles of veterinary data ownership & stewardship (PDF)