Limited prohibition on extralabel drug use

Any regulatory prohibition of extralabel drug use in animals should be science-based and as limited in scope as possible, consistent with protection of the food supply, public health, and animal welfare.

The AVMA encourages a science-based risk analysis before instituting prohibitions on extralabel drug use. The analysis should include determination of the consequences of the prohibition, such as increased residue risks from alternative products and detrimental effects on animal health and welfare resulting from loss of access to the drug. The AVMA encourages a plan to monitor the effect of the prohibition on animal and public health after it takes effect to be sure the prohibition is needed and beneficial.

Unless rigorous risk analysis shows a need for a broad ban, any regulatory prohibition of extralabel drug use should be as limited in scope as possible.  For example, limiting the prohibition to a certain species, production stage, age, dosage, duration of therapy, or route of administration.