Breeding/Transportation Bans

The AVMA is opposed to blanket prohibitions on the breeding and transportation of animals in zoos and aquaria that may have negative consequences for the health and welfare of the animals. The following points establish the basis for this AVMA position:

  • Breeding/transportation bans may circumvent the veterinarian's expertise and medical judgment.
  • The United States Animal Welfare Act (AWA) identifies the veterinarian as responsible for the provision of veterinary care, as well as for oversight of the adequacy of other aspects of animal care and use for animals kept in zoos and aquaria.
  • Breeding/transportation bans can result in the need to house animals in suboptimal facilities and/or social groupings.
  • Breeding/transportation bans may require the long-term use of contraceptives. The use of pharmaceuticals for contraception may adversely affect animal behavior and health. Determinations as to the appropriateness and conditions of their use must remain at the discretion of the veterinarian providing oversight for care.
  • Breeding/transportation bans may significantly impede data collection from animals under professional care that otherwise would result in information that directly benefits care and conservation of those species in captivity and in the wild.