Animal agriculture manure management

The AVMA recognizes that animal manure represents a benefit to sustainable agricultural systems when stored and applied correctly and a risk when stored or applied inappropriately. We support appropriate efforts and actions to prevent negative environmental impacts from wastes generated by terrestrial or aquatic animal production. Veterinarians should be aware of the value, potential environmental and infectious disease hazards, and legal restrictions concerning animal manure.

Therefore, the AVMA supports the following:

  • Education, outreach, and extension programs to assist producers in meeting or exceeding current federal and state requirements. This includes aid in establishing and implementing nutrient management plans as well as design and construction of effective manure management facilities to store manure until legal and appropriate application methods may be executed.
  • Science-based research on animal manure management and application systems and procedures to allow animal manure to be utilized as nutrient sources for sustainable agriculture systems.
  • Research into nutritional requirements and interventions to optimize animal health, wellbeing, and performance, while minimizing the nutrient and pathogen load of animal manure.
  • Scientific studies on the impacts of pathogens and chemicals from animal/human waste sources on the environment.

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