American Kennel Club

The AVMA invites the American Kennel Club to join in a periodic review of the health requirements of the American Kennel Club's "Rules Applying to Dog Shows," for the purpose of effecting such revisions as may be necessary to bring the vaccination and other health requirements into accord with good veterinary practice.

The AVMA recommends that minimum health requirements for attendance at any dog show should be required due to the fact that shows bring large numbers of animals together under one venue where contagious infectious diseases can be introduced and spread. Due diligence should be undertaken to prevent transmission of communicable and infectious diseases, in accordance with the Compendium of Veterinary Standard Precautions.

In many cases interstate travel brings animals great distances and from varying backgrounds thereby increasing the possibility of disease transmission.

Minimum health requirements for dogs attending shows should be:

  1. Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for interstate travel
  2. Vaccinations that are consistent with the AVMA's Principles of Vaccination, should be customized and established by the management of each show, on the recommendation(s) of their veterinarian(s), taking into consideration locale, current circumstances, and conditions.
  3. Freedom from internal/intestinal parasites, heartworm infection, and external parasites
  4. Documentation that these requirements have been met