COVID-19 impact: Interactive survey dashboard

This interactive dashboard lets you explore results from two large surveys of veterinary practices conducted by the AVMA in April and July 2020. In all, AVMA researchers collected over 3,500 responses representing different practice sizes, types, and species. Questions covered operational changes, client numbers, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies, financial impact, and other topics.

The results show how COVID-19 has impacted the veterinary profession across the United States. You can see how your local area compares with others across the nation, and how other practices similar to yours are responding and adapting during the pandemic. Click on any chart to see more detailed results for specific questions, and delve into specific areas such as client traffic, cash shortfalls, SBA loans, operations, client contact, and more. The majority of respondents were companion animal practices. Data about equine practices was removed because of low response rates.

See COVID-19 impact on veterinary practices for more information about the surveys, what the results mean for practices and the veterinary profession, and to download a copy of the full survey report.