Even Santa's Reindeer Need a Veterinarian!


 Being AVMA President certainly has its perks, including the title of Santa's Official Veterinarian. This year, Dr. Doug Aspros performed the examination of Santa's reindeer in preparation for their special flight.
(Due to heightened security this year, we were unable to document the event with photographs.)

Just like you and your pets, Santa's reindeer need regular examinations and preventive care to keep them healthy. Thankfully, Dr. Aspros gave the reindeer full "RTF" ("Ready To Fly!") status this year, so IT'S ON!
  • View the official 2012 Certificate of Inspection for Santa's reindeer (PDF).
  • Read the press release about Dr. Aspros' clearance of the reindeer for flight.
  • Read Dr. Aspros' and Dr. Carlson's answers to kids' questions about the reindeer and the role of Santa's Veterinarian.
  • See the short video message from Christmas 2011, when Dr. Rene Carlson certified that the reindeer were ready to fly
  • See the longer video of Dr. Carlson examining the reindeer in 2011.
  • View the photos of Dr. Carlson's 2011 visit to the North Pole to examine the reindeer
  • Want to track Santa and his reindeer? You can, thanks to NORAD's Santa Tracker!

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