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The Role of Veterinarians in One Health
Join us as Dr. Jonna Mazet, professor and executive director of the One Health Institute at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, discusses the One Health approach and the important role of veterinarians in advancing the movement. Topics will include: how veterinarians are involved in One Health; applying a One Health approach to global problem solving and to your own job; and career opportunities related to One Health.

Veterinarians attending the live webinar can receive 1 hour of continuing education (CE) credit. Space is limited.

Tuesday, June 5
Noon - 1:00pm Central Time

Recorded Webinars

View recorded webinars produced by the AVMA Veterinary Career Center in these categories​​:

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Career Management

Growing your Career with a Recruiter
Stacy Pursell, executive search consultant and president of The VET Recruiter, discusses the advantages of teaming up with a professional recruiter and how to best work with one throughout your career. Topics include: the benefits of having a recruiter in your professional network; how to get on a recruiter's radar; what you can expect when working with a recruiter; how to evaluate recruiters to make sure you're working with the right one; and what you can do as a candidate to achieve success more quickly. (3/18)

Practice Ownership: A Means to Control Your Destiny
Dr. Peter Weinstein, a veterinary practice consultant for more than 20 years, provides practical advice about the demands and economics of practice ownership, including why ownership can make sense financially even for veterinarians with student debt. (9/17)

From Classroom to Exam Room; Surviving the Transition from Vet School to Practice
Dr. Jim Park explains how to make a smooth transition from vet school to practice, discussing issues related to job search, contract considerations and how to impress your new boss and clients. (6/16)

Staying Afloat: Professional Stress and Wellbeing
Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse covers compassion fatigue and provides coping strategies, self-assessments and resources that can help us recognize problems, support ourselves and those with whom we work. (5/14)

Communication for Veterinarians
Dr. Karen Cornell, DVM, Ph.D., DAVCS of the University of Georgia discusses the role of communication in building client confidence, meeting client expectations and increasing adherence. (3/13)

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Career Opportunities

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine: A Deep-Dive Discussion
Dr. Jessie Sanders, owner of California-based Aquatic Veterinary Services, discusses career opportunities in aquatic veterinary medicine. Topics include: the day-to-day work of aquatic veterinarians in private practice or aquariums; the role of veterinarians in regulating the aquaculture industry; common medical cases and challenges; and the education, skills and experience needed to enter the field. (11/17)

Forensic Veterinary Medicine: Animal Crime Investigation
Dr. Melinda Merck, a forensic veterinarian and owner of Veterinary Forensics Consulting in Austin, Texas, discusses her experiences in this unique field working with investigators of animal cruelty and crime scene investigation. Learn the inner workings of a career in veterinary forensics, and the education, skills, and experience necessary to enter this field of veterinary practice. (7/17)​

Need a Change? Think Corporate Veterinary Medicine!
Dr. Karen Felsted and Stacy Pursell explain the opportunities available to veterinarians looking to make the switch to a career in industry. From finding the right job to actually making a successful transition, this webinar covers all the basics to help you thrive in a corporate career (11/16)

On the Front Lines: Careers in Veterinary Pathology
Often the first to discover a new disease or health hazard, veterinary pathologists play a vital role in improving and protecting animals and humans. Dr. Lawrence McGill DACVP discusses career options and training available for those interested in veterinary pathology. (5/15)

Exploring Careers in Housecall & Mobile Veterinary Practice
Dr. Dena Baker, founding Director of the American Association of Mobile Veterinary Practitioners (AAMVP), presents information on the advantages and challenges of mobile and house call veterinary practice. Learn about the exciting opportunities available within the industry based on her own experiences in owning, operating and then selling a profitable mobile veterinary practice. (11/13)

Wildlife Veterinary Career Exploration
Discover the possibilities of a veterinary career in wildlife with Dr. Tracy McCracken, Assistant Director of Education and Training at the Center for Public and Corporate Medicine of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. McCracken is a wildlife veterinarian with experience working in many countries on emerging diseases. (6/13)

International Opportunities for Your Career
Dr. Elizabeth Sabin provides an overview of resources on the AVMA Web site and elsewhere for veterinarians and veterinary students interested in working or volunteering internationally. This will includes places to look for positions and opportunities, as well as what you might need to know before embarking on international work. (12/12)

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Government and Public Health Career Opportunities

Veterinary Careers in Regulatory and Research Compliance
​Dr. Stacy Pritt explores veterinary career options in research administration, research compliance, regulatory compliance and research integrity. Learn what regulatory compliance veterinarians typically do, what qualifications veterinarians bring to these positions, available certification opportunities, and how to apply for these positions. (2/17)

The Wild Life: State Department of Natural Resource (DNR) Veterinary Careers
Dr. Cindy Driscoll, Fish & Wildlife Veterinarian for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, discusses exciting career opportunities available for those interested in providing veterinary care to wildlife. (4/16)

CDC-Epidemiology Disease Detectives
Dr. Christa Hale of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talks about the Epidemic Intelligence Service's (EIS) 2-year fellowship in applied epidemiology. This presentation will highlight the basics of the program which is one way to prepare for a career in public health. (3/14)

Career Opportunities with the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps
Major Corinn Hardy of the US Army Veterinary Corps provides information on entering the service as a veterinary student or after graduation. This informative presentation details the benefits, duties and opportunities that are available to those who make a career with the Corps. (2/14)

Finding and Applying for Veterinary Federal Jobs
Dr. Steve Sundlof, former Director of FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine presents information on applying for federal jobs. Learn how to find positions that need your veterinary expertise on Learn about the application process and get hints on how to get your resume past the first screening. (6/13)

Animal Care Emergency Programs
Dr. Jeanie Lin presents information on USDA-APHIS Animal Care Emergency Programs. She will provide information on career development and volunteer opportunities. (2/13)

USDA FSIS-Practicing Public Health in a Food Safety Regulatory Agency
Dr. Patty Bennett talks about how to put your veterinary skills to use in food safety or government. (5/12)

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