Oversight of Wildlife Issues

Call Authorities

Issues and regulations pertaining to wildlife and their hybrids are complex and may vary from state to state. For practices that may see wild animal species or their hybrids, below are some essential resources.

  • Your state wildlife management agency needs to be contacted
    • Any time you have a question or concern about treating wild animal species or what to do with them after treatment
    • About carcass disposal
    • If you learn or suspect that a wild animal species or its hybrid is owned illegally
  • Your State Veterinarian and your local USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Veterinary Services (VS) District Office need to be contacted if you suspect or confirm a reportable or notifiable animal disease.
  • Your Department of Public Health needs to be contacted about notifiable diseases of public health concern (e.g. rabies, plague, tularemia).
  • In addition, having the following local contact may also be helpful.
    • Licensed rehabilitators
    • Local U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent
    • Local game warden
    • Animal Control Office
    • Local / regional wildlife biologist
    • Wildlife referral veterinary practice