Veterinarians and One Health

One Health is the concept that humans, animals, and the world we live in are inextricably linked. Because animals both impact and are impacted by people and the environment, veterinarians play integral roles in protecting not just our animal patients, but people and the environment as well. As clinical practitioners, epidemiologists, and ecological experts, veterinarians are essential to advancing One Health and protecting the health and safety of its three pillars: animals, people, and the environment.

Help control rabies

Rabies remains a major concern worldwide, killing tens of thousands of people every year. Both veterinarians and animal lovers can help combat it.

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Green veterinary practices

Are you running a green practice? Get ideas to reduce your environmental impact.

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What it takes to build a career in One Health

Learn about education, employment, and workforce development in the One Health arena. This webinar covers training and skills needed for these careers, what One Health workers do, and how people find positions in this field.

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