One Health - What's the AVMA doing?

For many years now, the AVMA has been engaged in and an advocate for One Health, including the establishment of the One Health Initiative Task Force (OHITF), which launched the AVMA's One Health initiative (not to be confused with the organization, the One Health Initiative). Provided here is a brief discussion of just a few of things we're doing that are related to One Health.

  1. ​In honor of the inaugural "One Health Day" celebrated on November 3, 2016, the AVMA and American Academy of Pediatrics issued a joint statement, "The Value of Professional Collaboration in Protecting the Health of People and Animals," outlining opportunities for collaboration that would benefit the health and well-being of all community members – human and animal.
  2. The AVMA offers online collections of information, resources, and guidance pertaining to One Health issues faced by the veterinary profession.
  3. While almost all of the AVMA's Councils and Committees may address One Health-related issues to some extent, there are seven that are routinely and actively engaged in One Health. Each is comprised of subject matter experts who collectively provide the AVMA with invaluable perspectives, guidance, and leadership on issues under their respective entity's charge.
  4. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation, which is also involved with One Health issues, is the charitable arm of the AVMA. From offering financial assistance in times of disaster and emergency, to funding veterinary scholarships and animal-health studies, the AVMF's efforts span the spectrum of veterinary philanthropy.
  5. The AVMA continues to be an institutional member of the One Health Commission and has a representative on the Commission's Board of Directors and Council of Advisors. The formation of the Commission was an outcome from an OHITF recommendation to continue One Health efforts through a multi-organizational One Health Joint Steering Committee.
  6. The Student AVMA is involved in One Health and has developed the SAVMA One Health Challenge, which encourages veterinary students to organize and participate in events to increase community awareness and collaboration within the health professions.
  7. The AVMA is a member of the Healthy People Consortium, which is a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Healthy People 2020 program. Healthy People 2020 is a decade-long, science-based program geared at improving the health of all Americans. Participation in the Healthy People program was just one of the recommendations made by the OHITF.
  8. The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission Report discusses One Health and the vital roles that the AVMA and the veterinary profession play in it.
  9. The AVMA has numerous policies relevant to One Health. Some of those most central to the human, animal, and environment interface are: