One Health - What can you do?

One Health is incredibly vast and progressing on a daily basis. With so many possibilities, it would be difficult to list all of the ways people can get involved in One Health, but we have a list of ten simple ways you can help. But, don't feel limited to those listed below. Use your knowledge, skills, and interests to make your own positive impacts.

  1. Check out the final report of the One Health Initiative Task Force, which presents a wealth of information and recommendations, including steps which led to the development of the One Health Commission.
  2. Explore the One Health Commission website as well as others which address One Health. A brief list of such websites is provided on the Additional Resources page.
  3. If you're a veterinary student, get engaged with the SAVMA's One Health Challenge and perhaps even apply for an AVMA Headquarters or Government Relations Division Externship.
  4. If there's not already a pharmaceutical take-back program available in your area, visit to learn how you can get one started.
  5. Spread the word about One Health to your family, friends, classmates, veterinarian, physician, and everyone else you can.
  6. Develop or participate in an activity for World Rabies Day.
  7. Sign up for ProMED Mail from the International Society for Infectious Diseases and receive e-mail alerts of human, animal, and plant diseases from around the world.
  8. Become more aware of and proactive with issues which impact the health of animals, humans, and the environment.
  9. No contribution to One Health is too small – just do what you can when you can.