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Project Watson Eyelid Wipes for dogs

Recall date


Bausch & Lomb Americas Inc.

Lot code/Notes

This recall involves two lots of Project Watson Eyelid Wipes (45 count) for dogs, which are packaged in a small round container with a twist-on lid and blue and white labeling. “PROJECT WATSON” and “BAUSCH + LOMB” are printed on the label. One of two recalled lot numbers, A09050 and A10055, is printed on the bottom of the container.
Due to risk of exposure to bacteria and fungi.

When the recalled dog eyelid wipes are opened and in use, bacteria and fungi, which are organisms found widely in the environment, soil, and water, can be introduced and grow in the container, posing a risk of serious infection to people with weakened immune systems. Individuals with wounds may also be at higher risk of infection. People with healthy immune systems are not typically affected.