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Multiple Covidien nonabsorbable suture products

Recall date



Lot code/Notes

Various sizes and multiple lots of the following suture products are affected. Visit links for affected lots.

• Dermalon Monofilament Nylon (
• Monofilament Nylon (McKesson Branded) and Coated Braided Silk (McKesson Branded;
• Monosof Monofilament Nylon (
• Novafil Monofilament Polybutester (
• Sofsilk Coated Braided Silk (
• Surgidac Uncoated Braided Polyester (
• Surgilon Braided Nylon suture (
• Surgipro Monofilament Polypropylene (
• Surgipro II Monofilament Polypropylene (
• Ti-Cron Coated Braided Polyester Suture (
• Custom Suture Pack (
Sterile barrier breach of breather pouch.