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Grande Cheese Company lactose feed

Recall date


Grande Cheese Company

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WPC FEED Tote Dried Whey Protein Concentrate, SKU 32199
Batch Numbers: AMZ374, AMZ908, AMZ944, ANA126, ANA473, ANU196, ANU559, ANV038, ANV350, ANV628, ANV899, ANW495, ANW517, ANW687, ANX077, ANX345, ANX354, ANX568, ANX954, ANY379 , ANY710, ANY810, ANZ051, ANZ224, ANZ476, ANZ524, ANZ879, AOA221, AOA234, AOA620 , AOB139 , AOB360, AOB466, AOB657, AOB891, AOC461, AOC850, AOD441, AOD451, AOD666, AOD828 , AOE216, AOE220, AOE718, AOF090, AOF464, AOF769, AOF771, AOF924, AOG066, AOG421, AOG470, AOH774, AOH811, AOI130, AOI185, AOI432, AOI882

Lactose-80M FEED 25kg Lam, SKU 30696
Batch Numbers: ANU831-1, ANU831-2, ANU831-3, ANW439-1, ANW439-2, ANW439-3, ANW459-1, ANW459-2, ANW459-3, ANW459-4, ANX886-1, ANX886-2.

Lactose FEED Tote, SKU 30699
Batch Numbers: ANW519, AOA955.

WPC 80 - FEED Tote, Dried Whey Protein Concentrate, SKU 32299
Batch Numbers: ANW973, ANX517, AOG605, AOH631, AOH652.

WPI 90 - FEED Tote, Dried Whey Protein Isolate, SKU 32399
Batch Numbers: ANV348, ANW108, ANX907, ANY236, ANY804, ANZ376, AOA227, AOB225, AOB679, AOC631, AOD032, AOD670, AOE555, AOF604, AOG419, AOI423, AOK017, AOL220, AOL223.
Due to possible Salmonella contamination.