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Fresenius Medical Care 0.9% sodium chloride solution

Recall date


Fresenius Medical Care

Lot code/Notes

22EU05043, EXP 5/21/2023
22HU05018, EXP 6/9/2023
22HU05019, EXP 6/10/2023
22HU05025, 22HU05026, EXP 6/12/2023
22HU05049, EXP 6/22/2023
22HU05053, EXP 6/24/2023
22HU05054, 22HU05055, EXP 6/25/2023
22HU06027, EXP 6/11/2023
22HU06049, EXP 6/23/2023
22HU06055, EXP 6/24/2023
22HU06056, EXP 6/25/2023
22JU05008, EXP 7/4/2023
22KU06036, EXP 8/19/2023
22JU06023, EXP 7/8/2023
Due to lack of assurance of sterility