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When pet foods or animal-related products are recalled, or alerts are issued about safety concerns, you need to know asap. We update our information as soon as we receive notification and can verify that the recall/alert is real. Follow our @AVMARecallWatch Twitter Feed to stay informed (no Twitter profile is necessary to view the feed). Recalls and alerts are also posted on our Facebook page.

Champion Meat Goat Pellets R20, medicated feed

Recall date


Payback Champion Feeds

Lot code/Notes

The recalled product is pelleted dry feed and bagged in 50-pound bags with the words Payback Champion Feeds printed on the bag. The affected lot number is 6705 HM928510 04/17/20, and the UPC code is 48252 48640. Both the lot number and UPC code are printed on the tag of each bag.

Monensin is an FDA-approved drug for use in certain animal feeds. But excessive amounts can cause monensin toxicity in some animal species, including goats. In goats, signs and symptoms can include bloated stomach, bloody urine, shortness of breath, muscle weakness or cramps, rapid breathing and death. Highly concentrated amounts of monensin also could affect handlers by irritating the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract through direct exposure.
Elevated level of Rumensin (monensin)