Press Releases By Date


Veterinarians: Active supervision, understanding dog’s body language key to preventing bites - 5/11/2016

AVMA-commissioned poster celebrates A Lifetime of Love and marks 35th anniversary of National Pet Week® - 4/29/2016

Pet health, safety and consumer flexibility at heart of AVMA testimony before House subcommittee - 4/29/2016

Participants from across the veterinary profession gather to identify ways to alleviate student debt - 4/26/2016

Banfield Foundation makes $45,000 grant to AVMA in Support of Reaching UP New Mexico program - 4/14/2016

Veterinary tips for keeping pets safe in sub-zero weather and snowstorms - 1/22/2016

AVMA CEO Dr. Ron DeHaven to retire - 1/14/2016

Veterinary behaviorist honored for enhancing human-animal bond - 1/12/2016

AVMA approves updated policy on free-roaming abandoned and feral cats - 1/11/2016


Santa’s veterinarian clears reindeer for Christmas flight - 12/15/2015

AVMF accepting applications through December 31 for Merck Animal Health Veterinary Scholarship Program Merck pledges $185,000 - 11/24/2015

Veterinarians take their Oath in Action to underserved communities across the U.S. for Make a Difference Day - 10/27/2015

AVMA summit highlights improving veterinary economics; identifies key areas that need attention - 10/20/2015

AVMA congressional fellows report for duty on Capitol Hill - 10/13/2015

AVMA issues report on veterinary capacity - 10/8/2015

Don't forget pets when preparing for disaster - 10/1/2015

U.S. veterinarians invest in global ‘One Health’ approach to eliminate human and canine deaths from rabies - 9/28/2015

AVMA supports U.S. surgeon general's call to action on walking and walkable communities - 9/9/2015

Veterinary students receive continued support for chapter program - 9/2/2015

America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest halted due to cyber-bullying; Finalists to be honored collectively - 8/26/2015

Vote now for America's Favorite Veterinarian Polls close 11:59 p.m. September 1 - 8/20/2015

Microchipping pets leads to many happy returns - 8/11/2015

New AVMA video shows how up-to-date microchips reunite lost pets with families - 8/6/2015

Dr. Thomas F. Meyer named AVMA president-elect - 8/5/2015

AVMA applauds Congress for its commitment to America's walking horses - 7/30/2015

AVMA issues report on the market for veterinarians - 7/30/2015

Dr. George W. Bishop begins tenure on AVMA Board - 7/27/2015

Dr. Lori M. Teller begins tenure on AVMA Board - 7/27/2015

Top 20 finalists for “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” revealed; public can vote online - 7/13/2015

Dr. Stuart Nelson of Iditarod Trail Committee receives AVMA’s Meritorious Service Award - 7/12/2015

Dr. John Thomas Vaughan, Dean Emeritus of Auburn University, receives AVMA Award - 7/12/2015

Incoming AVMA president challenges leadership: “Carry our flag and wave it high” - 7/11/2015

AVMA: The launch of a new era - 7/11/2015

Dr. George Bishop receives Advocacy Award - 7/9/2015

America’s veterinary experts visit Boston in July for AVMA annual convention - 6/10/2015

AVMA CEO shares veterinary commitments on antibiotic resistance at White House event - 6/3/2015

AVMA welcomes release of federal rule focused on the judicious use of antibiotics in food animals - 6/2/2015

AVMA CEO to participate in White House summit addressing antibiotic resistance - 6/1/2015

AVMA selects three veterinarians for 2015-2016 Fellowship Program - 5/12/2015

AVMA announces winners of Animal Law Writing Contest - 5/8/2015

AVMA Judicial Council to review complaints against Texas veterinarian accused of killing cat with bow and arrow - 4/20/2015

Discovery Channel program highlights veterinarians’ efforts to improve feline health and welfare - 4/8/2015

AVMA issues 2015 veterinary employment report - 3/18/2015

Veterinary students urge Congress to act on higher education issues, support veterinarians in rural areas - 3/4/2015

AVMA: Anti-vaccination movement a risk to pet health - 2/17/2015

AVMA thanks senators for introducing bill to put more veterinarians in shortage areas - 2/11/2015

“Doggie breath” could be a sign of serious disease - 2/4/2015

AVMA launches 2015 Economic Report series - 1/20/2015

AVMA Board actions help set the stage for creating a ‘new’ association - 1/14/2015

Virginia veterinarian honored for enhancing human-animal bond - 1/13/2015

Study may give hope to pets with out-of-date rabies vaccine that are exposed to virus - 1/6/2015


Santa’s veterinarian gives reindeer green light for Christmas flight - 12/12/2014

Want to reduce dog bites? Don’t focus on the breed - 12/8/2014

Guidance issued to help states handle Ebola exposure in pets - 11/12/2014

Lenhart joins American Veterinary Medical Association as chief marketing officer - 11/5/2014

AVMA Economic Summit details improvements in veterinary employment - 10/28/2014

Arthritis in pets: A painful but manageable condition - 10/21/2014

Ebola and pets: "It’s time to be cautious, but no time for panic” - 10/17/2014

AVMA leaders elected to World Veterinary Association Council - 10/9/2014

AVMA to host Humane Endings symposium on the euthanasia, humane slaughter and depopulation of animals - 9/30/2014

AVMA congressional fellows take posts on Capitol Hill - 9/29/2014

Veterinarians reach across the Americas to eliminate human and canine deaths from rabies - 9/26/2014

In case you missed it: AVMA op-ed urges Congress to support bill that allows more veterinarians to serve America’s communities - 9/22/2014

Veterinarian and pediatrician groups issue reminder about risk of Lyme disease in humans and pets - 9/9/2014

New law is a historic triumph for veterinarians, animal care - 8/4/2014

Dr. Rebecca Stinson chosen as AVMA vice president - 8/4/2014

Dr. Ted Cohn takes the reins as American Veterinary Medical Association president - 8/1/2014

AVMA Honors Missouri’s Dr. Robert “Bud” Hertzog and AVMF with President’s Award - 8/1/2014

Dr. Joseph Kinnarney chosen as AVMA president-elect - 8/1/2014

Dr. Henry Childers of Tufts University receives AVMA Award - 7/31/2014

Dr. Linda Logan awarded International Veterinary Congress Prize - 7/31/2014

Primate expert Dr. Gale Galland receives AVMA’s Public Service Award - 7/31/2014

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of Banfield Pet Hospital receives AVMA’s Meritorious Service Award - 7/31/2014

Colorado’s Ralph Johnson receives AVMA’s Humane Award - 7/31/2014

Dr. Tim Gruffydd-Jones receives the AVMF and Winn Feline Foundation Award - 7/31/2014

Researcher Dr. B. Taylor Bennett receives AVMA’s Animal Welfare Award - 7/31/2014

AVMA amends declaw policy to stress client education, alternative options - 7/28/2014

Don’t forget about pets when preparing for hurricane - 7/3/2014

New video promotes AVMA Future Leaders program - 6/5/2014

No excuse to leave your dog to die in an unattended vehicle - 6/3/2014

Newly launched AVMA animal welfare hub receives 2014 World Veterinary Day Award - 6/2/2014

Active supervision required to protect kids from dog bites - 5/20/2014

Yellow ribbons on dog leashes: What do they mean? - 5/19/2014

Knowledge and awareness key to dog bite prevention - 5/15/2014

Let your cat be a cat: Tips on creating a feline-friendly home - 5/12/2014

Does your veterinarian have what it takes to be America's favorite? - 5/7/2014

AVMA names 2014-2015 congressional fellows - 5/6/2014

National Pet Week® Celebrations Urge Americans to ‘Celebrate Healthy Pets’ - 5/2/2014

AVMA launches comprehensive animal welfare hub in celebration of World Veterinary Day 2014; participates in global webinar - 4/25/2014

American Veterinary Medical Association lauds efforts to increase veterinary oversight of antimicrobials - 3/27/2014

AVMA celebrates National Ag Day - 3/26/2014

AVMA members advocate for federal legislation on Capitol Hill - 2/12/2014

President Obama picks veterinary college as site to sign Farm Bill - 2/7/2014

America’s veterinarians congratulate Congress on passage of Farm Bill - 2/4/2014

Dog breath? Get ‘em to the vet to prevent a costly problem - 1/21/2014

AVMA admits veterinary acupuncture academy into House of Delegates - 1/16/2014

New AVMA partnership supports recruitment and retention of public and corporate veterinarians - 1/16/2014

AVMA salutes U.S. Senate for unanimously passing veterinary medicine mobility bill - 1/9/2014


Celebrate holidays safely with your pets - 12/18/2013

AVMA lauds FDA for new regulation of antibiotics in livestock feed - 12/11/2013