Dr. Anthony Blikslager named recipient of 2020 AVMA Clinical Research Award

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For immediate release: 08/18/2020

Dr. Anthony Blikslager(SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) Aug. 20, 2020—The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) today honored Dr. Anthony Blikslager as the winner of the 2020 AVMA Clinical Research Award.

Established in 1955 by the Council on Research, the award is given annually to a veterinarian in recognition of achievements in patient-oriented research, including the study of mechanisms of disease, therapeutic interventions, clinical trials, development of new technologies and epidemiological studies. The award is presented to an active AVMA member who has made significant contributions to the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases in animals.

“Dr. Blikslager’s clinical research and veterinary expertise has redefined what we know about gastrointestinal disease in horses,” said Dr. Doug Kratt, president of the AVMA. “His significant, sustained contributions as a clinician and scientist continue to broaden our knowledge base and strengthen animal welfare.”

Dr. Blikslager is a clinician scientist and professor of Equine Surgery at North Carolina State University. His focus on gastrointestinal disease was sparked by frustration over the lack of positive outcomes in treating colic in horses, resulting in significant contributions to the field of equine gastrointestinal surgery.

For decades, he has performed research, taught veterinary students and provided clinical surgery service concurrently. This triple focus allows his research to progress from the laboratory to patients and clinical trials, resulting in advanced knowledge that promotes animal welfare and veterinary knowledge.
He is a board-certified veterinary equine surgeon and a member of numerous professional associations, including the AVMA, American Association of Equine Practitioners, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, and American Gastroenterological Association.

Dr. Blikslager graduated from Virginia Maryland Regional and then completed an Equine Medicine and Surgery Internship at the University of Missouri. He completed a residency and a PhD in gastrointestinal physiology at North Carolina State University, and has held numerous leadership positions there and in professional organizations.

His research and his leadership have been acknowledged by awards such as the Leroy Coggins Award for Equine Research, Pfizer Research Award, Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association, World Equestrian Association Applied Equine Research Award and Honored Mentor of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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