AVMA's first online certificate program shines spotlight on workplace wellbeing

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For immediate release: 05/06/2019
AVMA and Merck Animal Health partner to provide unique, interactive, multi-module certificate program for entire veterinary team

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) unveiled a new Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program to connect all members of the veterinary team with critical resources for group and individual problem solving centered around creating a culture of wellbeing.

The program, made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health, is free to all AVMA and SAVMA members and accessible to all members of the veterinary team.

"The Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study, which we released last year, revealed that only half of veterinarians with serious psychological distress are seeking help," said Dr. Linda Lord, academic and allied industry liaison lead for Merck Animal Health. "Given this significant mental health treatment gap, we are partnering with the AVMA in an effort to help address this need and will continue to look for ways to support the wellbeing of this important profession."

The series of five modules is hosted on AVMA Axon​ and taught by top subject matter experts and leaders in the veterinary industry. The modules can be taken individually or completed as a unit. Participants set their own pace, and may earn up to 4 AVMA continuing education hours through learning modules, quizzes and interactions.

The modules include:

  • Creating a Culture of Wellbeing – Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA director of wellbeing and diversity
  • How to Request, Receive, and Give Feedback Effectively – Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA director of wellbeing and diversity
  • Transforming Conflict – Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA director of wellbeing and diversity, and Dr. Elizabeth Strand, founding director of veterinary social work at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
  • QPR Assessment – QPR Institute
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Dr. Lisa Greenhill, AAVMC senior director for research and diversity, and Dr. Dane Whitaker, president-elect for Pride Veterinary Medical Community

"It's significant that the AVMA's first online education certificate program provides the entire veterinary team with a valuable and meaningful user experience that meets their personal and professional needs," said Dr. John de Jong, president of the AVMA. "It is truly 'help for the helpers.' While veterinary professionals are busy protecting the health and welfare of people and their pets, the AVMA wants to protect the wellbeing of the entire veterinary team by providing this high-quality and unique digital education series."

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