AVMA membership reaches all-time high of 95K

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For immediate release: 11/18/2019

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) announced today that it has surpassed 95,000 members, continuing its strong trend of growth and increasing its standing as the preeminent voice for veterinarians across the country.

Year to date, the AVMA has added more than 1,500 veterinarians to its membership and expects to approach 2% overall growth by the end of the year. Approximately three out of every four veterinarians in the United States belong to the association.

"We’ve made it a top priority to seek out new and better ways to provide value to our members at all stages of their careers, and I think we’re seeing veterinarians respond to that," said Dr. John Howe, president of the AVMA. "This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and passion of each and every one of our members who have shown their commitment to the profession and the association, and who continue to lend their increasing strength and unified voice to help improve animal and human health through the practice of veterinary medicine."

Dr. Janet Donlin, executive vice president and CEO of the AVMA, cited the launch of the Axon digital education platform, the Direct Connect practice purchasing solution, increased offerings at AVMA's annual convention, improved advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill, the return of an association health care plan and a growing body of resources on topics such as wellbeing, finances and career development as some of the main drivers of increased member value.

"The AVMA recognizes the tremendous commitment our members have made to the association, and we will continue to work every day to return that commitment by making sure we provide the tools and resources they need to perform their work and advance their careers," said Dr. Donlin.

For more information, contact Michael San Filippo, AVMA senior media relations specialist, at 847-732-6194 (cell) or msanfilippoatavma [dot] org.

About the AVMA

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The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world, with more than 95,000 member veterinarians worldwide engaged in a wide variety of professional activities and dedicated to the art and science of veterinary medicine.