AVMA launches new video resource channel for veterinarians in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim through PetPro telemedicine app

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(SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) September 24, 2020—American Veterinary Medical Association members now have a new way to readily access timely information about animal care, client service and practice management, thanks to an innovative partnership between the AVMA and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

The AVMA today announced "AVMA Telecast," the newest feature of Boehringer Ingelheim's PetPro Tele+ telemedicine app, which will enable the more than 95,000 AVMA members to directly access AVMA educational and informational videos on their mobile devices or laptops.

"This exciting addition to the PetPro Tele+ app gives us an additional user-friendly way to keep our members informed and connected," says Dr. Douglas Kratt, AVMA president. "To help our members stay abreast in today's very dynamic environment, we regularly produce videos on a wide range of important topics – animal welfare, COVID-19, veterinarian and staff well-being, and diversity, equity and inclusion, to name but a few – and share them via our website, social media channels and member emails. Now, thanks to AVMA Telecast, we'll have another way to provide these resources directly to our members on their cell phones, tablets or laptops."

"We're proud to partner with the AVMA and expand our PetPro Tele+ app to help veterinarians access industry news and information, help facilitate continuing education  and provide access to other professional-advancement resources," says Heath Wilkes, head of U.S. digital health at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

Through its PetPro Tele+ digital service launched in May 2020, Boehringer Ingelheim has expanded its telemedicine offerings to help veterinarians and pet owners care for animals at a time of social distancing and beyond. PetPro Tele+ is a free telemedicine solution that veterinary clinics can set up and start to use within minutes.

How to Access the AVMA Telecast
Starting today, AVMA members can download the PetPro Tele+ App for free, via the App store for Apple devices, and via Google Play for those with Android devices. Those who already have the PetPro Tele+ app will see the new AVMA Telecast feature on the front page of the app. A video providing an overview of the new service can be found at avma.org/Telecast.

Videos on AVMA Telecast will spotlight content or resources that are available to members at www.avma.org. The AVMA will post new preview videos on an ongoing basis on Telecast. Non-AVMA members can view the introductory videos but will not be able to access content that is available to members only.

About the AVMA

Serving more than 105,000 member veterinarians, the AVMA is the nation's leading representative of the veterinary profession, dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of animals, humans and the environment. Founded in 1863 and with members in every U.S. state and territory and more than 60 countries, the AVMA is one of the largest veterinary medical organizations in the world. Informed by our members' unique scientific training and clinical knowledge, the AVMA supports the crucial work of veterinarians and advocates for policies that advance the practice of veterinary medicine and improve animal and human health.

About Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

The lives of animals and humans are interconnected in deep and complex ways. When animals are healthy, humans are healthier too. Across the globe, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health's 10,000 employees are dedicated to delivering value through innovation, thus enhancing the well-being of both.

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