AVMA, AAHA release veterinary medicine telehealth booklet

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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have teamed up to develop a booklet to help veterinarians navigate the issue of telehealth in veterinary medicine.

"The Real-Life Rewards of Virtual Care: How to Turn Your Hospital into a Digitally Connected Practice with Telehealth" was designed to serve as a primer to help veterinarians get started on the path to becoming fully equipped, digitally connected, telehealth-ready veterinary practices. Much of the content is drawn from the AVMA's Telehealth Resource Center, (avma.org/telehealth), which contains more in-depth information for those looking to learn more about the topic.

"Virtual care is one of the greatest opportunities in veterinary medicine today; it's also one of the greatest challenges," said Dr. John de Jong, president of the AVMA. "This new resource from the AVMA and AAHA is a great first step to educate veterinarians about what they need to know to provide these types of services in a responsible manner."

The booklet outlines the case for virtual care in the veterinary profession and answers questions about how to establish digitally connected practices. It addresses such questions as:

  • What exactly is virtual care?
  • How does virtual care relate to telehealth?
  • Where does telemedicine fit in, and what's the difference?
  • What do veterinarians need to know to get started?

In addition, the booklet includes a case study on how one veterinary practice successfully adopted a virtual care service model, and an easy-to-follow implementation guide outline the steps clinics can take to seamlessly integrate virtual care.

"As the conversation surrounding telemedicine continues to develop, it's imperative to provide veterinary professionals basic information so they understand the nuances of providing virtual care," said AAHA President Darren Taul, DVM. "We are pleased to have been able to collaborate with the AVMA on this important project."

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