American Veterinary Medical Foundation supports relief efforts for Puerto Rico

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Organization urges more donations to help territory recover from Hurricane Fiona

(SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) September 26, 2022—In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is providing $15,000 in funding to Puerto Rico to help with emergency response, and encouraging its members and the public to join in supporting relief efforts for the beleaguered island.

"As chair of the AVMF and a resident of Puerto Rico, I welcome any contribution to the AVMF that can help those affected by Hurricane Fiona," said Dr. Jose Arce, a practicing veterinarian in San Juan. The Foundation is the AVMA’s charitable arm.

"We are working closely with the Puerto Rico Veterinary Medical Association in providing aid to the areas that were most affected by the massive flooding that occurred," Dr. Arce said.

In addition to the severe impact on people, property and infrastructure in Puerto Rico, pets and animals also have been affected by the hurricane, with many injured or lost and requiring immediate veterinary medical care or boarding.

The AVMF supports programs that ensure animals get the medical care they need and assists those who care for them. Since Hurricane Maria in 2017, the AVMF has provided almost $95,000 in support to veterinarians helping the animals affected by devastating storms in the US territory.

Contributions will help provide food, medical care, disaster relief, and emergency support for veterinarians providing care. To donate, please visit

Here are links to resources for AVMA members who have been affected or are providing care:

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