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Animal Tracks Podcasts 
Animal Tracks is a weekly podcast for pet owners featuring pet health and safety tips from some of the leading veterinary experts in the United States.


AVMA@Work Blog 
AVMA@Work delivers news and updates about the workings of the AVMA. Learn what the AVMA is doing to advance the veterinary medical profession, and to protect the interests of veterinarians and the animals and humans they serve.

Animal Health SmartBrief 
Animal Health SmartBrief, produced in partnership with SmartBrief, Inc., is a daily newsletter providing news of importance to animal health professionals, including: veterinary medicine updates, animal welfare and pet product news, best business practices, and regulatory updates.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for RDF (Resource Description Framework) Site Summary, or Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication - A lightweight XML format for distributing news headlines and other content on the web. It can be identified on a Web site with orange icons like: , , or .

It is used to describe the technology in creating feeds. Feeds, also known as RSS feeds, XML feeds, syndicated content, or web feeds, contain frequently updated content published by a Web site. They are generally used for news, blogs, and other types of digital content including pictures, audio or video.

How does RSS work?

To use RSS on your computer you will need to obtain a program called a feed reader or aggregator, which allows you to collect and display RSS feeds from your chosen Web sites. There are many kinds of readers, including downloadable applications, Web-based services, and those built into Web browsers. Different RSS readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to choose one that will work with your operating system.

A quick online search for 'RSS feed readers' will find many RSS reader applications, with different functions and features. Most of these applications are offered for free or at low cost. Browser-based readers allow you to read your feeds from any computer, whereas downloadable applications are designed to run on your personal computer. The most recent versions of some Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera offer built-in feed readers.

How do I access AVMA RSS feeds?

Subscribing to the AVMA RSS feeds requires an RSS feed reader. You need to set your reader to retrieve the RSS feed from the AVMA Web site. To do this, copy the link to the feed you wish to subscribe to. Then follow the instructions for your particular RSS reader to subscribe to a new feed and paste the link into your RSS feed reader.

Terms of use

The use of the RSS service is subject to the terms and conditions of this web site. AVMA reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time.