Ohio VMA - May 2022


Midwest Veterinary Conference, Feb. 17-19, Columbus, Ohio


Dr. Haines
Dr. Patricia Haines

Veterinarian of the Year
Dr. Patricia Haines (Ohio State ’83), Xenia. A past president of the Ohio VMA, Dr. Haines practices small animal medicine at Pony Express Veterinary Hospital in Xenia. As a gubernatorial appointment to Ohio’s Commercial Dog Breeding Advisory Board, she has played a lead role in formulating thoughtful, scientifically based laws governing commercial breeders. Dr. Haines has also served on the board of directors of the American Kennel Club.


Dr. Musolf
Dr. Barb Musolf
Dr. Gordon
Dr. Eric Gordon

Drs. Barb Musolf, Spencer, president; Eric Gordon, Marysville, president-elect; Diana Cron, Cincinnati, vice president; Michelle Harcha, Grove City, secretary; Kevin Corcoran, Xenia, treasurer; Ryan Zimmerman, Fremont, assistant treasurer; Ed Biggie, Millersport, immediate past president; and AVMA delegate and alternate delegate—Drs. Liesa Stone, Columbus, and Scott Pendleton, Cadiz

A version of this article appears in the May 2022 print issue of JAVMA.