New listings in AVMA Animal Health Studies Database – May 2023

Below are some of the new listings of veterinary clinical studies in the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database (AAHSD). Information about participation in the studies is available at the database site.

AAHSD005625: “Direct comparison of CHOP and LOPP chemotherapy and genomic analysis for naïve T cell lymphoma in client owned dogs,” Michigan State University.

AAHSD005626: “Asparaginase, procarbazine, prednisone, and lomustine (APPL) for canine multicentric lymphoma: A practical multiagent chemotherapy protocol that avoids injectable cytotoxics,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005627: “Combination trametinib and sapanisertib clinical trial pilot study for canine mucosal melanoma,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005630: “Feline oral squamous cell carcinoma-lattice (LRT),” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005631: “Canine melanoma peptide vaccine,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005632: “The effect of a novel intra-articular device on pain and function secondary to hip osteoarthritis in dogs,” Colorado Animal Specialty & Emergency, Boulder, Colorado.

AAHSD005633: “The test of rapamycin in aging dogs,” SAGE Veterinary Centers – San Francisco.

AAHSD005634: “Treatment response of a novel intra-articular injection of in dogs with elbow osteoarthritis,” Colorado Animal Specialty & Emergency, Boulder, Colorado.

AAHSD005635: “Pilot Safety and Effectiveness Study of an Allogeneic Uterine-Derived Cellular Therapy Preparation in Client-Owned Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease,” Ethos Vet Health, Woburn, Massachusetts.

In related news, the AVMA Board of Directors (BOD) approved $112,500 to update and improve the AAHSD. The BOD, during its April 12-14 meeting, voted in favor of the funding, which will create a more user-friendly platform similar to those used by the University of California-Davis, Texas A&M University, and dozens of other medical schools.

A version of this story appears in the July 2023 print issue of JAVMA.

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