New listings in AVMA Animal Health Studies Database – January 2023

Below are some of the new listings of veterinary clinical studies in the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database. Information about participation in the studies is available at the database site.

AAHSD005517: “A novel approach combining oncolytic virotherapy and dual immune checkpoint blockade for metastatic osteosarcoma,” University of Minnesota.

AAHSD005522: “IF7-SN38 for the treatment of canine cancer including metastatic cancer,” Johns Hopkins University.

AAHSD005531: “Tolerability and clinical efficacy of acetazolamide for treatment of hypochloremia in canine congestive heart failure,” University of Florida.

AAHSD005540: “A GD2/GD3 (ganglioside) targeted cancer vaccine for canine osteosarcoma,” University of Florida.

AAHSD005541: “A double blind, placebo controlled dose escalation trial of a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of canine sepsis,” University of Pennsylvania.

AAHSD005542: “Use of the PI3K inhibitor copanlisib to treat splenic hemangiosarcoma,” University of Pennsylvania.

AAHSD005543: “The utility of OncoK9 liquid biopsy for the detection of canine insulinoma,” University of Pennsylvania.

AAHSD005544: “Cathepsin-activated near-infrared (NIR) imaging for intraoperative detection of insulinomas,” University of Pennsylvania.

AAHSD005546: “Ethos Precision Medicine Umbrella Study for Hemangiosarcoma,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005547: “Preclinical comparison of two hypomethylating nucleosides in tumor-bearing dogs,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005548: “CAR-T for dogs with large B cell lymphoma,” University of Missouri.
AAHSD005560: “Investigation of heritability, clinical genetics, and biomarkers for canine ocular melanocytic diseases,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005572: “Phase-1 evaluation of vismodegib plus carboplatin in dogs with spontaneous osteosarcoma,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005578: “Feasibility and safety of intra-tumoral carboplatin delivery in canine oral tumors using a novel iontophoretic delivery system,” Animal Cancer Care and Research Center, Roanoke, Virginia.

AAHSD005582: “The effect of intravenous carboplatin on pain control in dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005583: “Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibition to improve losartan-toceranib immunotherapy in canine metastatic osteosarcoma,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005585: “Randomized controlled crossover study using the Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia evaluation (CHASE) questionnaire to assess the safety and efficacy of pregabalin in dogs,” North Carolina State University and The Ohio State University.

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