AVMA event press credentials and guidelines policy

Press credentials to cover AVMA conventions and events may be granted at AVMA’s sole discretion to journalists who are employed by news organizations attending the event for the purpose of editorial coverage, such as the following:

  • Newspapers, weeklies, and magazines
  • Wire services
  • Broadcast media
  • Trade media
  • Web media

Media representatives must provide satisfactory proof of credentials to receive a complimentary press badge to attend AVMA conventions and events. The AVMA reserves the right to grant and rescind press privileges to individuals at any time in AVMA’s sole discretion.

Criteria for receiving official approval to attend AVMA events

For journalists
  • Media identification, such as an accredited press pass issued by a recognized news organization
  • Email or letter on official letterhead from the editor of a publication/website or producer of a broadcast program certifying the affiliation, verifying assignment to the meeting, and including the editor’s contact information; or an email from a publication’s editorial team verifying assignment to the meeting
For online media (may include news outlets, blogs, and others)
  • The website must belong to a recognized media organization and have a specific, verifiable street address and telephone number.
  • The website must have a majority of original news content or commentary or analysis, including coverage of animal health and/or veterinary medicine.
  • Media representatives are required to submit two bylined articles within the past three months that were posted on the website.
For freelance journalists
  • Journalist must submit copies of at least two bylined animal health or veterinary medicine articles published within the last 12 months.
  • Published work must come from a recognized media organization as clarified above, and not from sources as outlined below.
Press credentials may NOT be issued to the following
  • Advertising sales representatives of publications
  • Spouses and other guests of journalists attending the meeting
  • Advertising, marketing or public relations representatives from exhibitor companies or agencies
  • Representatives of organizations selling or producing publications, video or audio recordings, or websites intended for marketing, advertising, or public relations purposes
  • Organizations whose main objective is to promote a non-media product or service
  • Individuals working for corporate, association and public entities’ internal publications, including representatives from public relations, advertising, marketing, or publications departments
  • Individuals working for publications that are personal blogs or advocacy publications of nongovernmental or nonprofit organizations

The AVMA reserves the right to deny or rescind press credentials at any time, in AVMA’s sole discretion.


Any individual or organization applying for or holding a complimentary press badge that violates AVMA policies may be denied or lose press credentials and access to the meeting and events, as well as to any subsequent AVMA meetings or event, at AVMA’s sole discretion. Some examples of policy violations:

  • Selling, marketing, or representing a company for the purposes of obtaining advertising and/or subscriptions from any registrant or exhibitor marketing a product or service at AVMA conventions or events
  • Misrepresentation of personal or professional information to obtain press credentials or during the course of the event to obtain information
  • Product or organization promotion that implies AVMA endorsement and/or usage of the AVMA logo or any other AVMA trademark or intellectual property without the prior express written consent of the AVMA
  • Preventing or disrupting the normal order of business and/or jeopardizing the safety of event attendees, or violating any registration terms or conditions of the event
  • Misrepresenting or mischaracterizing AVMA positions, policies, or statements

Visual recording, audio recording, and screenshots/screengrabs are prohibited without prior approval from the AVMA.