December 15, 2003

College News

Two of 11 universities chosen by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to receive multimillion-dollar grants to build biosafety labs for infectious disease research have connections to veterinary medicine: the University of Missouri-Columbia and Colorado State University.

Take Notice

FDA assesses safety of food products from cloned animals The Food and Drug Administration has released a draft executive summary of a document that assesses the safety of food products derived from animal clones. The risk assessment also evaluates the risks to animals involved in the cloning process. Among other conclusions, the FDA determined that there were no differences in overall behavior and health of juvenile and adult animal clones and conventional animals, even at the level of blood chemistry. Although there were risks to animals involved in the cloning process, the agency concluded that cloning technology does not present any type of risk that is not present with other forms of reproduction. Adverse outcomes may occur at a higher ...