October 01, 2009

NAVTA student chapters raising money for AAHA Helping Pets Fund posted September 15, 2009 Some pet owners are seeking temporary assistance to keep their companions through the economic downturn, and veterinary practices can refer them to a patchwork of programs that help with big veterinary bills or routine animal care. The recession has increased demand and diminished resources for these programs, some of which operate through veterinary associations and colleges, but the programs still offer potential relief for pet owners who have lost a job or a home. The American Animal Hospital Association reports that monthly inquiries have tripled for the AAHA Helping Pets Fund. Earlier this year, the AAHA Foundation briefly suspended grants from th ...

Companion Animals

With animal rehabilitation services becoming increasingly commonplace, more and more clients are recognizing that physical therapy is not just for people but can also mean pain relief, increased mobility, and an improved quality of life for pets as well.

Production Animals

Department of Agriculture officials are encouraging monitoring and surveillance to mitigate the novel H1N1 virus' potential harm to U.S. swine herds.