August 15, 2011

After four years without domestic horse slaughter facilities in operation and a thorough study of the results, one thing is clear: the same number of horses from the United States, if not more, are being killed for their meat every year.


When Illinois' veterinary practice act was opened in 2010, the Illinois State VMA hoped legislators would address problems with nonveterinarians who were improperly providing alternative and dental care for pets, Dr. Stephen Dullard said.


The incidence of Salmonella-related illness has been nearly level since the mid-1990s, despite a one-fifth decrease in the overall rate of foodborne illness in the preceding decade, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Practitioners interested in mentoring young students may find some help from a familiar name: the Boy Scouts of America. The youth organization's affiliate program, "Learning for Life," is a school- and worksite-based youth program that serves as an integrated academic and character development program.