August 15, 2005

Months after President Bush nominated him as the official head of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Lester M. Crawford Jr. was confirmed July 18 by a Senate vote of 78-16.

Production Animals

Please note: the online version of this document contains a correction. Corrected text is shown in red below. Educators collaborate to advance swine medicine curriculum Swine educators face the challenge of attracting and preparing veterinary students for careers in swine production medicine, despite a shrinking curriculum dedicated to teaching swine courses. Moreover, many students do not get exposure to swine veterinary medicine until late in their veterinary school careers, often after career choices have been made. As a result, many opportunities for swine veterinarians go unfilled. The overall goal of the Swine Veterinary Educator Conference is to solve this problem. Purdue University hosted the third annual conference May 10-11 in Laf ...