July 15, 2011

A committee from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners reported that the U.S. no longer has a shortage of veterinarians willing to work in rural private food animal practice. The report states that some remaining shortage areas may be unable to support veterinarians, and expanding class sizes and programs to attract more veterinarians could create an oversupply. However, others have responded with calls for continued scientific study of the issue.


Advised Executive Board through volatile economy Interview by R. Scott Nolen Posted June 29, 2011 W hen the gavel signaling the end of the AVMA Executive Board's second St. Louis meeting sounds July 19, Dr. Bret D. Marsh will be out of a job. AVMA Bylaws limit persons elected to the office of treasurer to six consecutive yearlong terms, and Dr. Marsh's volunteer service on the Executive Board is almost up. As the principal accounting and financial officer for the AVMA, Dr. Marsh has advised the board as budgets were put together and spending priorities identified. Twice a year he reported to the AVMA House of Delegates about the Association's financial shape. And he did so during one of the worst recessions in memory. Dr. Marsh spoke to JAV ...


Hundreds of animals were reunited with their owners, but many more were still being held in temporary shelters following the tornado that killed about 140 people in Joplin, Mo. Volunteers and staff members from nonprofit organizations searched for loose and injured animals, while veterinarian volunteers provided treatment and care in the shelters.