June 15, 2007

Several veterinarians were among a dozen witnesses who testified before the Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry about improving the welfare of farm animals while protecting the food supply, consumer choice, and biomedical research.


Foie gras, microchip database resolutions to be put before AVMA delegates Printer-friendly version Foie gras and microchip databases are the subjects of two resolutions AVMA delegates are being asked to vote on when they gather in Washington, D.C., this July. Resolution 1 states that force-feeding ducks and geese to make foie gras is an inhumane practice opposed by the AVMA. Resolution 2 says that while the AVMA supports the use of microchip registration databases to reunite animals and their owners, it opposes using the information for purposes of marketing or referrals. The two resolutions were the only proposals submitted to the House of Delegates by the May 14 deadline. Other resolutions could still be introduced from the HOD floor whil ...

Veterinary Community

When Dr. Dorothy Segal enrolled in the Michigan State University preveterinary program in the 1930s, she had already overcome some challenges—a car crash delayed her planned entrance into college by almost six years—but it quickly became clear that there would be other hurdles in front of Dorothy and the other young women in her class.

Your Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation, AVMF fund influenza research Printer-friendly version The Morris Animal Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation have partnered to fund research to help prevent canine influenza and avian influenza from becoming international pandemics. The research will look at virus transmission, monitoring, and containment. "Canine and avian influenza viruses (cause) serious infectious diseases that affect animals and people," said Dr. Patricia Olson, president of MAF. "Understanding the spread of these viruses and how they can jump species is critical." Based in Denver, the MAF is dedicated to funding research that protects, treats, and cures diseases of companion animals and wildlife. Estab ...