April 01, 2012

New restrictions on the constrictor-snake trade are meant to prevent a repeat of what has happened with the Burmese python in the Florida Everglades. Some invasive-snake researchers have suggested these giant reptiles may become established throughout much of the United States this century. Critics dispute the idea that these non-native constrictors pose a national threat, however, even as the government considers further bans on the reptile industry.


More than 11,000 veterinary clinics have registered with MyVeterinarian.com, the AVMA's new online directory that allows the public to search for clinics by location, species, and services. The AVMA created the free resource to help members market their clinics on the Web. "We've got a lot of members who want to have a reliable search tool out there for veterinary practices, some of which don't have any online presence or marketing," said Dr. Kevin Dajka, director of the AVMA Membership and Field Services Division.


The Department of Agriculture expects domestic red meat and poultry production to decline through 2013 but increase overall by 2021. In its agricultural projections to 2021, the USDA predicts U.S. beef, pork, and poultry producers will increase exports and gradually increase production, though U.S. citizens' mean yearly meat consumption is expected to remain lower than previous highs.


Laser safety in veterinary medicine is now an integral part of the American National Standards Institute's Z136.3 guidelines for the safe use of lasers in health care. "These are guidelines but now carry a bit more weight on how we use lasers in veterinary medicine," said Dr. Kenneth E. Bartels, AVMA representative to the Z136.3 subcommittee and a professor of laser surgery.